Stupid Question Coming From OBS

My demo has expired, so I can’t check the MimoLive interface to be sure I’m describing this correctly, but when I was testing it, I had a problem understanding how to set up MimoLive to work like I’m used to from OBS.

In OBS, you can set up “Scenes”, each of which have their own “Sources” (video, images, text, etc). I used this to pre-setup YouTube Live broadcasts I do where I answer questions users have submitted in advance. So before the broadcast, I would set up a “Scene” for each question (video of me in the background… with a text overlay of the question being asked). Then I would have one or more “Scenes” for the answer… sometimes videos with my live cam PIP in the corner, other times it would be a second camera showing a piece of paper on the table that I was writing on, etc.

So I could get all of that set up in advance, and when doing the Live broadcast, I can just move from “Scene” to “Scene” as I move through the content (or I can easily jump directly to another “Scene” if I need to).

But I can’t figure out how to easily set that up in MimoLive… so I assume I’m just missing something obvious. Any thoughts?


And perhaps thinking of this the way OBS does it with “Scenes” is completely wrong… I just don’t know the MimoLive-approach to this… so I’d be curious to hear how others would go about tackling this kind of setup.


Anyone have any thoughts/input on this? I’m seriously at a loss as to how to use MimoLive the way that I’m currently using OBS… and would love to make the switch. I’d really appreciate anyone’s ideas about how they would set this kind of broadcast up in MimoLive.


@RVgeeks Happy new year and thanks for giving mimoLive a chance. Of course, there are no stupid questions and I apologize for the delay in answering your question.

At this time, the best way to emulate the scenes concept is to use the Remote Control Surfaces. You can configure buttons on there to operate on several layers at once, turning the ones you want on and the ones you don’t want off. More info on this is to be found at

A more simple but also less powerful way is to use keyboard shortcuts and assign the same shortcut to triggering several layers, but since you can only toggle their state, this sometimes can lead to undesired results.

In the future, we will offer a way to store the state of the layer stack as a “preset” and return to that saved state with a single button to make the process of configuring this easier.

@“Oliver (Boinx)” - Thanks for the reply. I’ll check out the link you sent, and see if I can get the Control Surfaces idea to work for me. And I’ll keep an eye out for any update that brings the “saved state” feature.

yeah, I use the keyboard shortcut method to toggle on/off logos and lower thirds. the biggest trick is to not use a hotkey shared with something else, like the OS and to put the state of the layers/objects as you want them as all it does it turn live on or off when you press the key for the layers you assign the shortcut to. It seems primitive but works for what I need it for.

@kmac1036 Thanks for your feedback! I’m experiment8ng with this kind if thing now.