Studio Link as well as Ultraschall Hub Support

Would it be possible to add Studio Link and Hub support as it was implemented in UltraSchall(Reaper)?

Panxatony, Thank you for taking the time to write with this feature suggestion. We’re considering it, but need a bit more information about how you plan to use this.

As far as I understand, the Studio Link is a device that allows low-latency transmission of Audio over IP.

The Ultraschall Hub is a piece of software that allows audio routing between apps on the Mac.

How do you combine those and what problem do you solve or want to solve with this?

Hi Oliver, I currently have no problem. But I would like to use it for the following use cases.

Studio Link is to be used for live audio interview. The quality of Studio Link with Opus codec is much better than Skype or Facetime. In addition, I can ship the Studio Link Box directly to interviewees and they only have to connect the box to the network and connect an USB audio headset.

I would use Ultraschall Hub for integrating audio output of multiple applications. I could combine the audio signals of these applications (for example, Soundboard of Ambrosia, iTunes, VLC) in one Sound Device which is used by one mimoLive Audio Layer.
Ultraschall Hub is open source and so perhaps an interesting alternative to Loopback from Rogue Amoeba.

Hi Panxatony, Thank you for elaborating. The Studio Link is indeed an interesting use case. Using their standalone application with mimoLive should already be possible.

We’re working on more audio options for mimoLive.