Streaming of FotoMagico Slideshows via Apples "AirPlay"

Hi Boinx Team,

now that the new Apple TV is capable of streaming content in 1080P are you planning on adding the “AirPlay” to FotoMagico Pro “sharing options”? (I sure hope you do!)

If yes, do you have a time frame?

This would be a great advantage compared to having to hook up a Mac via cables.

Kind regards,



Unfortunately the streaming feature to an AppleTV via AirPlay isn’t currently supported for 3rd party apps (officially). However you have two choices to accomplish your task:

  1. If you happen to have a young enough hardware you may see the AirPlay menu item and you can mirror your Mac screen to your AppleTV.

  2. You can install AirParrot to use your AppleTV as a secondary monitor.

Anyways, we are expecting that Apple is going to create an API for us in MacOS 10.9 so that we can natively stream to an AppleTV.

Some news about airplay?

Still no official support from Apple. If you take a look at how laggy Airplay mirroring sometimes is when doing screen mirroring and playing back a movie, we don’t see it as a feasible option at the moment. Having a jerky slideshow with 12 fps is probably not what most people want. Furthermore we’d have to encode the slideshow to a h.264 video on the fly. Some computers are already almost maxed out when playing back a slideshow by itself. This makes the outcome more unpredictable.