Streaming hardware encoder

A friend mine want to buy Mimolive for his own streaming, by my recommendation

He have a cMP 5.1, with High Sierra, HD5770 GPU

He installed the ML versión with works with HS

But, at the moment to do a streaming, there is no hardware encoder and he get a lot of frame drops

the funny thing is, with an old and damaged 2011 - 15" macbook pro, High Sierra and the same ML version, with the AMD GPU disabled, working only with Intel HD3000, he got hardware encoder

Is this about the Xeon encoder lack vs i7?
Is there a way to tell Mimolive use hardware encoding?

I’m afraid it is the lack of the Quicksync feature that the i7 has and the Xeon not.

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Thank you, you are right.

Sadly, QuickSync is a resource that was implemented for the first time with i5/i7 processors of the SandyBridge generation. The i7-9xx (processor which woks with the cMP) is two generations older and don’t have a on-die GPU at all.

Only solution for my friend, is Metal GPU and Mojave