Streaming Audio - "Clicks" and "Pops" in Program Out Feed (Dante Routing)

I’m currently evaluating your software with my 2 week trial. We are considering switching from wirecast to mimolive as our main software switcher. So far I have been thoroughly impressed with your software. Unfortunately I am running into some odd audio glitches in my program out audio and I have not been able to chase down the culprit.

We use Dante to route audio through our local environment. We’re running mimoLive on a 12 core Mac Pro (late 2013) with 128 GB Ram / AMD Firepro D700 6GB. Audio is routed from the MacPro (running Dante VIA) → Yamaha TF-1 mixing console → BMD ATEM Mini Pro to stream out. We use a chromecast into a camlink 4k into the MacPro to easily bring audio/video into our feed for testing or on-the-fly needs during a live show.

The problem I’m experiencing is intermittent “clicks” and “pops” in our audio when playing out music from spotify (on a phone) > chromecast > camlink 4k > MacPro running mimoLive. The clicks sound almost exactly like the little clicks and pops you might expect from a dirty vinyl record in a budget sound system.

I am using the same audio routing method that we use for our Wirecast workflow. I can confirm that I get clean audio from the chromecast over Dante all the way through to our endpoint without any clicks and pops when I play through Wirecast.

I have tried several different usb ports for the Chromecast/Camlink and have not been able to fix the glitches. Interestingly when I change usb ports the audio comes through clean long enough to hear 1 or 2 songs of a standard rock album and then the clicks creep back into the audio feed. Sure enough the clicks ALWAYS reintroduce themselves when I’m listening to the program out (spotify/chromecast/camlink) from mimoLive.

I have looked at the audio meters available and haven’t noticed anything odd there. I’ve experimented with adding in compression, playing with the gain and volume levels, haven’t been able to fix the problem.

I can play local media files out with the same routing without any issues - local audio sounds clean.

What is going on here? Any reason why music streamed through the internet would not come through cleanly? My internet speeds are always over 100+ mbps up/down. Are there some drivers somewhere that would help?

If I could solve this issue I would be 100% in favor of using mimoLive as our full time software switcher.

That’s strange. And it’s only when you capture Chrome Cast? Why do you route Audio through VIA first? I don’t think that you’ll be happy when you think mimoLive in the same way as WireCast.

Volume can be controlled by mimoLive.

Is there any potential power on any line?

Try to switch off “dynamics”

try to switch off “dynamics”

Is it only in PGM-Out?
Please add another output destination with an aditional audio mix.

Is Chrome Cast’s Video captured in 4k?