Stream unstable

Good morning all,
Is it normal that my stream is so unstable?
It doesn’t bother me as I have a great connection but I wonder how it would work on a reduced connection. Did I enter the wrong RTMP to Vimeo setting?

100 Mbit/s for a 1080p stream is way too high. Try something more sensible like 5000 kbps. I typically use 2.5Mbps for a 1080p30 stream.

My guess is that you see how Vimeo is managing input streams, allowing for fast transmission until an internal buffer is full, then throttling ingest until the buffer has cleared again.

The important part is that the “Local Buffer Size” graph is empty which means that all the data produced by the encoder (which is way lower than 100Mbps anyways) is sent out in a timely manner.

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Thanks Olivier.
I understand. I thought the more large I gave to dedicated bandwidth, the more chance I had that the stream would be stable.
Thanks for explanation

My experience with Vimeo is that it doesn’t perform that well at 1080p. It’s better to stream video at 720p with max bandwidth set at 2.5Mbps