Stream to Facebook Groups as Page

Is it possible to stream to Facebook Groups as my Page not person? In Audience setting I only see Groups in personal context. For Pages there’s only News Feed available. Groups are created and managed as my Page.

Thank you for using mimoLive and for reaching out to us in the forum!

Facebook Live streaming is changing constantly in response to privacy concerns, so it is difficult to say if that should be possible.

You can always use the RTMP fallback method. This way, you can use the Facebook web site to create your live stream, using whatever persona (page) you want in whatever group you need and set up mimoLive to use the RTMP stream URL and key provided by Facebook.

Thanks for response. Is it possible to use “Facebook reactions” and “Comments” layers with RTMP fallback method?

Yes. You can use the Social Media source to get reactions to a post. However, Facebook doesn’t have consistent rules on which posts you can get the reactions from depending on their privacy settings.