stream live on my website ???

how can i stream live on my website mimolive ??? without any 3rd party source like youtube facebook etc.

how can i stream live on my website mimolive ??? without any 3rd party source like youtube facebook etc.

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I searched the forum for “stream live website” and all I found were these unanswered posts from 4 years ago. The search was motivated by Restream’s recent announcement that they will allow users to stream directly on their websites via an embedded player which will not require an intermediate service such as YouTube or Facebook. The service is currently in beta, but will likely be offered as part of their Premium plan for a hefty $99/month. :cry:

That said, here is what I’m curious to find out from the folks in this awesome forum: does anyone have any experience with “self hosted” live broadcasting using mimoLive? The primary use case would be to embed a Live broadcast within a website so that access could be exclusive to subscribers (using a paywall or a user/pass combination).

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks a lot!

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Hi @profgustavoreis It is actually pretty easy to spin up your own RTMP server. What’s not so easy is to put a paywall that you can’t get around easily. Of course using your own embedded player makes it a bit more difficult to find out the URL to get the naked stream than using an embedded YouTube player. But if you have the URL, making a server that prevents people from accessing the stream unless authorised isn’t trivial. And if you have a lot of viewers, things also start getting interesting with your own server.

Amazon has a pretty easy to use streaming server product.

Hello there, @Oliver_Boinx !

Thank you very much for clarifying. I’m not too worried about people getting around it (I definitely do not have the kind of “celebrity status” that would motivate a lot of people to go the extra mile to circumvent any security measures :joy:), but it would be cool to be able to do embedded live broadcasts such as the ones Restream and Vimeo offer. But I guess I will get started with a standard videoconference solution (using Google Workplace) and see what the future holds!

Also, thank you for the Amazon Web Services heads up!

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