Strange Request for a live gameshow

I would like to do a live gameshow, where 2 guests answer questions. The problem I have is in getting them to ‘buzz in’. Does anyone have a creative way to do this?

This could be a great MIMO Call feature… not just for gameshows, but imagine having more than one panelist, and they can press a button so that the moderator knows to have them speak next.

You need your guests to make a buzz-sound when they want to answer?

If you do this with your guests in your studio,
they can both have a phone with a sound-button.
(There are a lot of apps with all kind of sounds)

Then just plug the phones to your sound mixer.

Have not used this i MIMO, but I did this on a live show at a festival this summer. Worked great.

Or maybe you can use MIMOremote for this?
If you create a control surface with a sound button.

And if you want, and uses several cameras, the same button can control the guest camera.

So when guest A is pressing his button, the sound and the camera on him is turned on.

@“Funky ABBA” Those are very good ideas! Unfortunately I think that @“Ray Lane” is talking about remote guests that aren’t present in the studio.

Certainly one can build a layer for this: I can imagine that the layer is presenting both opponents in a split screen while the questions is read to them, and if the sound level of one person goes upon a certain value then this person is shown in full screen and hold until a “reset button” has been pressed. In this scenario the users themselves need to make the sound. We have a radio show in Austria where the opponents need to shout out their names, with this the audience easily can follow woh was first too.

You either can create this layer yourself with Quartz Composer and the documentation here: or you can order the development with the “Custom Layer” item here:

Great ideas guys! And yes, the players will each be on MIMO Call, remotely

Fun ideas! Love it.


The 2 guest has a phone/tablet/pc or just face to the camera ?

@“Achim (Boinx)” : Is it possible to add a forum Category for “Quartz Composer” to help each other ?

@ToD I justed opened the “mimoLive extension” category in our forum :smile: Looking forward to your posts and comments!

Thanks Achim !!!

You can also make a sound button on a web page for remote guests and just ensure the volume is routed into the stream.