Stopwatch layer and leading zero trap.

While using the recently added leading zero switch in the stopwatch layer I unfortunately have discovered that as well as adding a leading zero, it will also change your max precision to HOURS but HOURS will still not be displayed and at the 60 minute mark you will now be displaying 00:00 not 60:00.
So 15 minutes into the second half and the scoreboard clock looks to have reset to the start of the 1st half, as had the back up?? I now know it takes just on 3 minutes to stop trying to reset the existing countdown layer as it will only show 00 where I expect 60. Drop in a new layer, remove the progress indicator, change font, size, and place it where it needs to sit and finally sync it to the live broadcasts dirty feed, and output to screen. OR it takes <1 second to hit the leading zero switch and it would of been instant. A wonderfull thing hindsight.

A fix for the switch would be wonderfull also.

Hi @winnie and sorry for the long time response (hope you’ll see it)

Could you describe with more details your problem ?

I quckily inspect the layer, and can’t reproduce your problem :confused: