Start/stop show via API hook instead of httpRequest

Hey there

I have a template file containing a very complex setup of layers, medias, settings and automations. Before I start a new show, I always duplicate my master template file and adjust to match the respective show I want to create today (change media files, contents like titles/lower thirds etc.).
This has the opportunity that I can change things without having to worry to change my master settings and I’m able to store the show’s exact file to my archive so I can access all settings in the future if needed.
Everything works perfect this way, except my automations regarding start + stop the show (because httpRequest always points to a specific document).

So I’m looking for a way to start and stop the show as part of an automation script but refering to the currently opened document instead of a specific document ID.

Many thanks in advance,

I found a working solution:
Change from using the httpRequest() method and use outputOn() and outputOff() instead:

Example to “start the show/recording”: