Standalone Player stops mid-slideshow

I have exported a 38 minute slideshow with 475 slides to a standalone player on a macbook pro under 10.7.5. When it plays back on the same machine and someone elses brand new mac book under 10.8, the player gets stuck. On my machine it gets stuck on a slide while the audio keeps playing. I don’t know what happens on the other machine; they’re on the opposite coast and I just get text message saying ‘gets stuck’. I’m waiting for more details, but has anyone had a similar problem?

If the standalone player is wonky, that’s a very serious problem, especially because the other video export options are so slow.

Ok, just found out the same thing happens on the other person’s machine. The slide freezes but the audio loops over and over. Please HELP! 50th reunion is Saturday so I have to have this working in time to test and/or send a dvd or quicktime by Fedex!

The Stand-Alone-Player export of FotoMagico is definitely the best way to present your show, because it’s using the highest output quality. And because FotoMagico is meant to do live presentations it is indeed able to stop at a certain slide and still play the audio until a certain event happens. Those events are defined in the “Options” panel on the right side of the FotoMagico Document window. Please check the “Continue:” option of the “Slide” section. Maybe it is set to “Continue at Audio marker” and you don’t have one set in you Audio file or it is set to “Continue at Mouse Click” then you have to click on the mouse button in order to advance to the next slide. In rare cases the timing of an audio file is misleading to the playback engine in FotoMagico and causes an unstable state, but this is only the case if you have very short audio files (e.g. 2 secs) and very short slide durations (e.g. 1 secs). In those cases it sometimes solves the problem when switching off the “Fadein:Automatic” and “Fadeout:Automatic” options in the Audio section of the Options panel.