Standalone Player on PC

Can Standalone Player work cross platform? I have many clients who use Windows.

From the on-line user manual: “Standalone players are compatible with Intel Mac models running OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or newer, which have a reasonably modern graphics card. Any Mac that is able to run FotoMagico can also run a standalone player.”

So, no, it wouldn’t work with Windows. If you want your Windows clients to see the slideshow, you’d have to export it as a QuickTime movie, but it WILL LOSE some resolution if you do so. There are lots of custom settings to help make the presentation as good as it can be during the rendering process, but since I’m on a Mac and only present directly from my computer using HDMI to HD or 4K monitors, I don’t really have an answer to what settings are the best. But the guys at Boinx can help.

The Quicktime option seems to lose the “on click” option. Have you been able to keep it?

Hi Vinnie,

There is no video format (that we know of) that has this feature. QuickTime once had interactive controls but that was abandoned by Apple many years ago.

A cross platform standalone player is on our wishlist, but currently very far down.

It would help to understand your use case. If you do not want to discuss it in public, feel free to send me a private message. If there is enough money in your use case, maybe it is possible to fund development?

Best regards,


I think I can make a great case for it. I would prefer to discuss it privately. I believe you have my email and contact since I am a long time customer. I will wait to hear from you or hear that you don’t have my contact info.