Standalone player for iOS?


how do I export my slideshow to present on iOS with the same features like on the standalone player on macOS, i.e. especially with support for „Click“ as duration (probably translating to a tap or swipe on the iPad)?

Currently, an export to iPhone/iPad just creates a huge „dumb“ MP4 movie, without any interaction possibilities (like go back or advance slide, „click“, etc.) and therefore unusable for a live presentation.

There’s Boinx’ own PhotoPresenter app, but it does not seem to support FotoMagico presentations in any way (unless I am wrong…)


@Kriro Thank you for using FotoMagico and for letting us know of your requirements.

A native FotoMagico player for iOS is under development but will take a good while longer before it’s ready.

The PhotoPresenter app is a totally different type of presentation app and therefore does not support the FotoMagico format.