Standalone Player (FM 3.8.8) doesn't play on Mac OS 10.5.8

When exporting a standalone player with FotoMagico 3.8.8 it reads in the export dialog that it will play on Mac OS 10.5 and newer. But mine doesn’t play on Mac OS 10.5.8. On MacOS 10.6.8 it works. Is there a possibility to get it playing on 10.5.8?

Sorry, it seems we got a typo in the export. The standalone player always has the same system requirements as FotoMagico itself, since FotoMagico 3 requires 10.6 so does the standalone player. Since the screen is in the app itself, we can’t correct this easily.

Oh, this is bad.

But in the meantime I found out one possibility: FM 3.8.5 is able to open my slideshow made with FM 3.8.8 and this version only requires Mac OS 10.5. So this problem is solved at least for this time.