Standalone player and notes (dual monitor setup)


is there a way to make the standalone player app (on the Mac) present on the second monitor (as you can already), but also show the notes on the main monitor (which it currently doesn’t, and where I don’t know how to make it do so)?

I’d like to have the final presentations moved easily between my presenting computers (without having to install FotoMagico on all of them), yet see the notes and next slides as you do when playing from within the application.

Is there a preference/option to make the standalone player show the notes during the slideshow, as well as the time counter, next slides etc.?


I’ve never used “notes” and don’t have another monitor to test this on

BUT – since you’re posting questions on the Fotomagico Forum, I’m assuming you have access to the User Manual as well. Go to App Support and choose Fotomagico, then find the User Manual link. Do a search for “Playing Slideshows” and you’ll see what you need to to using a “teleprompter.” The info is there.