Standalone playback shows only one image

Ive been testing making a small 12 image show and saving in Standalone. It processes fine I see all the images are being saved ad no warnings come up. when i playback the app created only one image appears and the music does continue to play. ive done this several times and even sized my images down in case that was a problem. Workaround for this???

Did you check your Slide settings?

Open your presentation and click on the Options tab (at the far right). Find the slide in the Storyboard or Timeline where your presentation is stopping. Does it show “Click” above the slide? Look in the Slide section at the right. If it has Continue set to “At Mouse Click” then that’s the reason it’s stopping at that point. Change it to Continue: “After Duration”, adjust the duration accordingly, and that SHOULD solve the problem.

Click does not appear above the first slide and in the options panel, it is set to after duration for every slide


@sRochelle: The current version has a bug in the Stand Alone Player: If it can’t playback an audio file or don’t get the next image loaded, it simply stays at the current one and don’t react anymore. Please check in the Stand Alone Player package (right click on the app and select “Show package content”) if any file is present you are using in your show, audio as well as pictures. You also may test run the beta which should fix this problem (at least it should warn you about missing media files). Please duplicate your FotoMagico projects before using them in the beta!