SSD best practices

I recently got an SSD to use as a media drive for FCPX, and I figured it might be helpful when working in FotoMagico as well. I have a couple of questions about how I should set up my projects to take advantage of the SSD.

  1. If I create the .fms project on the SSD, do I also need to copy the images and movies I will be using onto the SSD? I thought I read one time that FotoMagico just creates links to the files, which would suggest that I should move them onto the SSD.
  2. When exporting and FotoMagico goes through its 'copying IMG_xxx.jpg" for all of the images and movies, where exactly are these files being copied to? I ask because I just exported my first show using the SSD, and while I had the images and movies on the SSD, this copying process at the beginning of the export seemed to be sort of slow compared to how it has seemed in the past when using a regular HDD, while I thought it would be much faster.

Thanks for any tips or suggestions.

In General: Keep the files on the same hardware and disk partition as your project file is located because then FotoMagico is able to use “hard links” in the file system which is the fastest way to copy files. Also: You can specify for each image if it should be copied into the project file or not. If the source files are located on a different hardware or partition and you told FotoMagico to copy the files into the project, FotoMagico will duplicate all data the hard way.