SRT - Secure Reliable Protocol

Hi guys, i would like to know if Boinx, especially on Mimo, is studying the idea of adding the SRT as source/output (listener/sender) for audio/video content.

We’ve got SRT on our radar but don’t see it as a priority right now. What do you want to use it for?

I would love to have SRT support as well, and there are two use cases I have in mind:

  1. as a source (primarily an alternative to rtsp, but also mimoCall).
  2. as an output to SRT capable destinations.

In both cases the advantages are the same. My experiments with srt (using vMix) have shown it to be a much better protocol to use:

  • a better image is achievable with the same bandwith, as it can use hevc for the codec, rather than h264
  • it is more resiliant to network errors/connection drops etc. It will even automatically reroute via a different interface if one goes down

I would go further, and suggest that mimoCall could possibly benefit from using SRT instead of webRTC, although that maybe would require a native client app, rather than running in a web page.

Hi @Oliver_Boinx, i share the same @nasi thoughts on SRT, same points and ideas. especially as an alternative to a remote camera.
I have also a question: is there any way to have as input a remote stream on rtmp?
During these days, we are done lot of remote productions, and we need to add a remote stream with visuals fx playback to add back the anchor on a green screen. Any idea?
Thanks guys, and last but not least, i’m really happy with mimolive! great job keep push to make it better.

Thanks for the input regarding SRT. I think it is an interesting technology and we will certainly support it at some point in the future. Right now we’re adding a mimoCall Output Destination so that you can daisy chain two (or more) mimoLive installations.

also very interesting in SRT

@Oliver_Boinx thanks. That can be a good solution. But what if the remote stream to have as input source is not streamed from a Mimo live client?

Been evaluating MimoLive as a one-box alternative to an aging Roland-based setup.

We do a bunch of broadcast work - streaming to Teradek decoders - so SRT is a hard requirement for us.

SRT also comes with a host of other benefits: we’ve been testing running multi-stream SRT over bonded 4G links, for instance, for improved stream reliability in difficult locations, and SRT doesn’t have the audio/video sync drift that RTMP suffers on long streams.

It’d be really good to see SRT support in MimoLive, especially as the rest of the software hits all of the other points we need!

hi @alfie, as workaround by now i’m using garaninapps on windows pc on the network. Hope to have really soon native SRT in Mimo as well