SRT as an input source

MimoLive is a fantastic program, but I really miss the opportunity to have an SRT stream (or other formats) as an input source.
Are you working on such a solution?

Hi Johan,

I’m glad to hear you like mimoLive. Thanks for the feature request. SRT is on our wish list and we will eventually support it. What is the physical video source you want to capture and why do you need SRT?

In terms of IP video sources, we support RTSP, MJPEG Streams, NDI and - in the form of mimoCall - WebRTC.

What “other formats” are you missing?

Second shout for SRT would make it great for using MediaLooks or similar SRT transport

+1 for an incoming SRT listener - SRT is by far the best transport for low-latency video across the internet, and being able to pull in remote correspondents on (for instance) Teradek encoders would be really neat.