Square Images Cropped

I’ve added an image that’s a square format, and in the preview window, it’s being constrained to the square format. I want to fill the frame, but I have black bars left and right, and when I zoom the image it zooms but constrains to a square. How can I fill the screen with the image… even though I know it’s part of the image. Confusing, yes… please help.

If the image is square, there’s no way to include ALL of the image into the rectangular frame without either having the black bars on the left and right (and thus including all of the image top to bottom) OR end up cropping the top and bottom of the image to fit the square inside the frame from left to right. You can have one or the other, but not both. I mean, that’s just basic geometry. I’m not trying to insult – I’m trying to help. I just can’t see where you can get both at the same time. Unless I’m not understanding your question or your goal.

Now there IS a way to make it work, BUT then you’ll have a problem if you have any images that are rectangular and NOT square – you CAN create a NEW slideshow (or resize the slide show you’ve already started) where you force the custom size to be a square frame (i.e., x and y dimensions are equal). But again, you’ll be stuck with the same problem for normally rectangular images. There’s just no way to “mix” frame sizes within a single slideshow.

Hope that helps, somehow :wink: