Spinning Wheel in version 4.4.2


Just updated to version 4.4.2 and I got a spinning wheel when dragging an image into the Storyboard. I was having difficulty in getting the mask to work as it did with the previous version so I removed the image from the Storyboard and then dragged it back in. The only solution to the spinning wheel was to Force Quit. This is the second time it has happened, with different AV’s.

Is it possible to revert to the previous version?



ok it has just done it again. Checked Activity Monitor and it says Fotomagico (Not Responding). It appears to be caused when dragging an image to insert it between other images. Sometimes it places it correctly other times it causes the lockup.

Have to consider version 4.4.2 as unusable. Placing an image over the top of another causes lockup every time!

I went back to version 4.4.1 When I reported this issue on image on top of an other It was like I was from mars?? How do they test this stuff? The beach-ball.
I got a reply from support and they told me to do the same thing I did before which did not work either. I love the product but why so many bugs. They fix one-thing and something else doesn’t work?

I would like to revert to 4.4.1 but unfortunately I did not keep a copy. If you create a new AV on 4.4.2 and without any images on the Storyboard you drag an audio file down, that totally locks the computer.

Same here. Anyone know where 4.4.1 can be obtained?

Same here.

Having trouble with 4.4.2 trying to layer a movie or picture in the storyboard. I end up with the spinning beach ball and having to Force Quit. About every 6th time the layering or picture in a picture or side by side will work. Thanks for working on it.

Thanks for all your comments. Thanks to them we were able to reproduce these issues. We pulled FotoMagico 4.4.2 for now. Please either re-download 4.4.1 from the downloads page or wait until later this week for an update with a fix. Sorry about this.