Special characters

I don’t know if this is the correct name for this, but the problem is that we have some letters with graphic signs on it, like “é” “ó” or “ção”.

When I use the ticker, with a external RSS source in Portuguese, the ticker can not read it.

Look the pic.

How can you help us?

Thanks for using mimoLive. The screen looks great.

Can you please send me the URL for the RSS feed?

Hi, Oliver. Thank you for your time.

Here it is:

In this site u have all the feeds in Portuguese.

Thank you again.


Thanks for sending the RSS feed. We can reproduce the issue and will fix this asap.

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@Paulo_Sergio It looks like your RSS feed is missing an important encoding xml tag. Please can you add the following line to the top of your RSS feed and give feedback if that fixed the issue?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

Alternatively you can avoid encoding issues if you do not use the CDATA construct but encode the Portuguese characters as HTML entities:

<title><![CDATA[distribuição]]></title> => <title>distribui&ccedil;&atilde;o</title>

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@Paulo_Sergio just wanted to say that’s a very nice looking production!

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This is a RSS feed from an important Brazilian website. So I don’t have access to the source of the feed page.

Hummm… let me see what can I do… I will keep in touch. Thank you so much.

Thank you. We are a Brazilian streaming tv station based in Utah, USA. I have been using mimoLive for a long time, since the first versions. I love this software. And I really try to help them thinking about the needing of production people.

Thank you, @kmac1036!!!

I’m sorry to hear that the News Crawl doesn’t work for you. Do you have access to a webserver? You could run a php script to fetch the RSS feed from uol.com.br and fix the encoding setting before delivering it to your mimoLive computer. For an experienced php programmer, this should be relatively easy to build. We can provide a quote for the php script if you want.

@Paulo_Sergio download a copy and see if you can make the change Achim suggested and try that as input? Not sure how often that feed updates but might help for the time being until you figure out a script, etc.