Special characters won't show up with keystrokes

Hi I just bought the Mouseposé software. Most of it works fine, however I can’t figure out how to show punctuations and symbols like (§$%;: etc.). Since I use a different keyboard than my students, it is not possible for them to follow the keystrokes. E.g. in order for me to get an ‘=’ I need to press ‘shift + 0’ where my students can press the ‘=’ directly. If they would press the combination ‘Shift + 0’, they would get a ‘)’ which would be wrong!
Is there any way to change this?
Thanks for your help.

Mouseposé shows the actual keystrokes you are pressing. E.g. on a german keyboard the “=” sign has no dedicated key. Since there is no dedicated key, Mouseposé cant display it as you are pressing Shift+0.
If you want to show your students the same keystrokes as they have on their keyboard, you need to use the same keyboard/layout.