Source with distortion

Hi all,
i would like the layer "Source with distortion to become fullscreen, when I finished the moderation. Like in a Newsshow you see the reporter standing and waiting, you talk to him, ask your question, then the pic gets fullscreen. Hope I explained it the right way.
Thanks in advance

So you’re saying you want the reporter in a PiP window when first introduced, you have a chat with him and then you fullscreen the PiP and the reporter continues with his report?

@chrisis correct, but seen on the monitor in a virtual set. But not live yet. Prerecorded

looks like i found out at least how to get this problem solved. Problem now, i get the video, but without the audio in it. scratching my head looking forward to a solution.

@ZornedingTV Some layers pass through audio, such as the Placer layer, when it is clear that there is only one source and that you probably want the audio all the time. If it is likely you’ll want to control the audio separately, the layer does not pass through audio. In this case, you need an “Audio” layer, assign it the audio source and turn it “live” separately. Does this help?

@“Oliver (Boinx)” got it, took the audio source as a new layer starting them simultanously by trigger. Thanks a lot for your help. Problem solved. Greetings, Michael