Sound issues with mimiLive


I’m using a Macbook pro 2017 catalina. I’ve started pilots with mimoLive recently.

I have two major issues that prevent me from using it live:

  1. I receive no sound from Ndi sources. I do receive the video though.
  2. I’ve not been able to hear the program mix on my headphones.

Thank you in advance for the help.

Hi @Kfir_Waldmann .

Thank you for using mimoLive and for your feedback.

We are sorry to hear you are having quality issues. Which version of mimoLive are you using?

  1. What do you use as NDI source? (iPhone, iPad, NDI cameras)

  2. Could you test your source with the NDI monitor app?

  3. If audio is not received from the NDI source, mimoLive will provide silent audio output.
    To verify if it is a problem with mimoLive or the NDI source a different audio source can be used.
    Ex. Drag a mp3 in the source repository and check if the program mix playes it out.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your response.

I have understood that the sound works only with not internal soundcards.

However i would like to ask if it possible to send different sound mixed to different sources. Mix- (like sending sound to a computer that we use for zoom conferences with out looping the sound