Sound issue in MimoLive

The machine is Mac Pro late-2013 quad-core 3.7GHz with dual AMD FirePro D300 graphics.

So with 4.5 does it need more system resources? I don’t remember I was facing audio performance problem before. For example with 4.4.1 it has no problem at all.

I also added back mimoLive4.5_SuddenStopArtifact_Log.txt.

Interesting development tonight. We did an hour long show and not once did the bug show itself. In the last show, I had to click the monitor mix off and on every 5 to 10 minutes. Did you guys fix the problem?

@X_Oriente Yes, we fixed the issue of the audio buzz sound with USB audio interfaces in mimoLive 5.4.1. Sorry, that it took so long! Once we got our hands on a setup that showed this issue we were able to identify the problem and positive test our fix.

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Hi Achim, I still have this problem… Using a RME Madiface Pro on a Macbook Pro Mid 2015 with Catalina… Any idea? If I grab the sound from my Atem Mini it works just fine… Thx in advance!

@cestfego Sorry to hear that. Are you using the latest mimoLive version? Can you do a sound recording so we can analyse it to see if its the same problem or if its a new one.

Hi Achim, yes, I’m using 5.6 now. The problem is worse when I connect both, RME Madiface and ATEM Mini and it’s almost gone when I disconect the ATEM Mini… Here is the Audiofile:
I disabled the Audio for the ATEM Mini in Mimo Live and both Interfaces are on 48kHz, but could it still be kind of a clock problem?