Sound/Haptic feedback on MimoRemote

Achim/Oliver…an old request but I’d love to have some feedback on remote control. When I touch a key on my iPad to change a layer, a sound and/or haptic feedback would be SOOOOO helpful.

thanks in advance.



Yes, I never thought about this, but yes, this would be very helpful. Especially when input was accepted. I have no Idea how how this feedback could be for sliders, But I like the idea.

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perhaps there’s an existing iPad app that will accomplish this… anyone???

The problem is that techniques that are related on javascript, currently do not support navigator.vibrate() function on every platform. (Every? Currently, as I know, only on Android, and this under very, very special circumstances.)

Unfortunately, Apple is far behind with this accessibility feature. Maybe we should write a feature request to Apple, to support navigator.vibrate() in safari and everywhere else, where they provide javascript support.

I don’t believe that such an app is currently existing. One of the reasons could be the function thing from above.

The second thing: The app would have to be a wrapper of the mimoLive API, which would be very specific.

To play a sound is more realistic, while an onClick-event. But there are - in my experience with this - lots of differences between platforms. Some need agreement through users, some not. Some platforms need manual activation and no agreement, and and and…

The function was often abused in past. (Suddenly loud noises/music with no chance to turn it off). I’m afraid that navigator.vibrate() could have a similar fortune in future. But on the other hand, tab-mute was invented.

I wrote this with Apple’s Feedback app. (Vorschlag = Suggestion) Hope it helps. The more are in need of this, the higher is the chance that they have an ear about. You and everyone who wants this should write something similar.