Sort Slides by Filename or Date


When i drag a group of slides to the storyboard, they are not sorting by filename/time taken. How do I ensure that the slides will sort by filename or time taken?


I’m going to chime in with an answer. A group of slides come in in the order they appear in the Images sidebar, which should be the same order they appear in their containing folder, and that order is based on “By Name”.

If you want to force a different order, you’ll have to assign a new file name to each image. There are some free (I think??) applications and/or Apple scripts that will batch assign a “number” to each image – like tacking on “001”, “002”, “003”, etc. to the start of each file name.

Adobe Bridge allows you to move images around in any order you want and THEN add a number to them. That’s how my wife and I do it.

If it was based on time instead, you would sort by “time” and THEN add a number to them (again, in Adobe Bridge).

The only other option is to MANUALLY drag the slides around in the storyboard after they’ve been imported, a time-consuming process if you have a large number of slides.