Sort images by capture time

If you create a slideshow with images from different cameras it´s annoying that they are always sorted by name. It would be great to be able to sort by different criterias. Definately it would make sense to sort pics by capture time, because that´s what´s mostly used in slideshows don´t you think.

Regards René

Thanks for the feature request. I put it on the list!

Hi everyone,

It’s been two years since this was requested. Hope it’ll be included in the updates soon as this is really helpful for wedding photographers like us.

It is still on our list, but I can’t promise when it will be implemented. Sorry about that! As a workaround you can use file renaming tools that can add the date and time to your file name (such as GraphicConverter ) to use the “sort by name” feature in the folder browsers in FotoMagico. I use “YYYY-mm-dd hh:mm:ss” as a prefix, so that the files get sorted automatically by their creation date always.

Any update on this?

Yet another request that P’co be able to sort pics by their metadata’s creation date. I’m trying to put together a Thanksgiving slideshow, with photos from the last 16 years, and creation-date sequencing would be extremely useful. It’s there in the metadata, I’d assume (but I’m not a coder) that it can’t be super hard to grab it and use it. It seems as if it would be extremely useful to a lot of customers, thus something to put on the list of “accomplished” rather than the list of “waiting to accomplish.” Sorry to sound critical, but it’s been years of asking for this feature…