SONY cameras

Hello everyone,

My question is related to two SONY cameras. I want to use one which shoots progressive (SONY HDR - CX130) and the other SONY HDR-CX115 which shoots interlaced.

Can I use combine these two cameras with boinxTV?

Thank you

Any camera you use in BoinxTV should come in progressive. Camera signals other than DV (SD) are not deinterlaced for technical reasons. So I wouldn’t mix both. The CX115 should be able to do 720p according to the manual.

Thank you. Can I then mix the CX115 at 720p camera with the CX130 set at 1080p or do both camera need to be
at 720p?

This is a question about connectivity. The two SONY cameras which I have (HDR-CX130 and HDR-CX115)have HDMI outputs. How can I connect them to my IMAC which has firewire input.