Some strange behaviors with the camera

I am trying out mimoLive reporter on my iPhone 6 Plus, and the camera is acting strange.

  1. In landscape orientation, if I turn the phone so that the camera is positioned at the top, the video seems not staying still even i put it on tripod. However, if I turn it o that the camera is positioned at the bottom, the video can stay still with no problem.

  2. When I tap on mimocall link for the 1st time, mimoLive reporter launch and work fine. However, if I close the app, and tap the same link again, the camera sometime doesn’t show up. I have to go delete the template generated from the old session, before I can use it again.

Has anyone encounter these problem?

@“Chean Prichavongwaikul” Thanks for reporting those issues. We’ll look into this.

What do you mean with “not staying still”? Could you post a video showing this behavior?