Solution to Access Denied?

Looking over older posts from early 2013, I saw several issues regarding “access denied” when trying to add photos from Lightroom. I’m getting the same message for some of my pics and was wondering if there is a more current solution.

you should get a yellow triangle that you can click. after clicking the triangle, a folder chooser will show up. Simply click “allow” or “open” that will give FotoMagico the permissions to access these photos.

Thanks for getting back . . . I’m not sure where the yellow triangle is, but I’ll have a look.

Perhaps I should be a little more clear on my issue. I opened 2-3 different LR folders in FM with about 20 images each. Out of each folder, FM would add the majority of the images to the storyboard, and appear to randomly deny access to five or six. At first I thought they were images that had been cropped or adjusted but that’s not the case, and I can’t find a common denominator for the ones that are denied.

I did find a successful work around however. By exporting all the pics to the desktop (or another folder) they all loaded fine and I had no problem with the blurred images I referred to in my other post. (This is a bit inconvenient though.)

Hi, I do have same problem. Trying to add pics directly out of a Lightroom library and access to some of the pics is denied. And can’t find any yellow triangle to click.

Any idea as I like the idea to work directly with the Lightroom (4) library and don’t like to export all my pictures.

No solution?

Like adriling I have this issue on a small proportion of images which I am trying to import into FotoMagico.
I am currently on a fotomagico trial license so would like to see this resolved before I purchase.
It is important to me to be able to access Lightroom Collections otherwise I will have to create a separate folder of images on my Mac for every slideshow I want to create.
I am running OS X 10.10.1.

I found a solution… I’m not sure of the technical reason but my Lightroom images were under /Users/Shared/Pictures not ~/Pictures. I used LR to move them to the folder under my username and the access denied problem was fixed. Now I find that accessing LR images directly from FM is not good for me as I almost exclusively shoot RAW. Much easier to export full sized jpegs then bring these into FM.

This bug is nerving and if you want to have new customers who pay for your software you have to get rid of such bugs fast. But I see no solution and no useful answer vom Boinx (The Yellow triangle where is it?). I do have the latest update (4.5.3)