Software Update

I do not have the “automatically install updates” box checked. When launching MiMo Live (Version 2.0 (21625)) these past few days, and just now too, MiMo did not advise that an update to 2.0.1 was available last week - so I now presume that update checking is manual. I’m not sure that is optimal for Users. I would have preferred a pop up letting me know that an update was available with an option to disable future notices for this version (or maybe also a “remind me later” that silences the alert for 2 or 3 days).

I don’t want to check the automatic update box. This eliminates the above challenge but also puts me at risk that I will get an automatic update just before launching a mission critical production - it’s not always a good choice to update when you don’t have time to fully pre-test.

Hi Dean,

We’ll look into this.

The intended behaviour is that mimoLive does notify you of updates but never installs them automatically. I apologize if the wording is missleading. You can control the frequency of the checking in the app’s prefs under “Software Update”.

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