SOFTWARE BUG!!?? Oval Mask with Softness 0 results in a "stippled" image...

FM 5.0b54 – this seems to be a repeatable error :frowning: Select an image and apply an Oval Mask. On my system, it is automatically defaulting to a Softness of 2. Not sure why, since there is no place to set a default value for that. In any case, I dragged the slider back to a Softness of 0 and the image now appeared with a “stippling” effect (kind of like “noise” was applied to the image using a Photoshop filter). Setting the Softness to 1 eliminated the effect. Setting it back to 0 reintroduced it.

Rectangular masks don’t seem to have a problem that I can tell.

There is an obvious bug here – if it’s reproducible by someone else.

Only seconds after posting the above, I discovered FM 5.0b55 was released. Sorry to say the bug is still there. Also forgot to mention, when the Softness is set to 0, not ONLY is there the stippling effect, but the mask area OUTSIDE of the oval becomes transparent and lets the image show through, so the masking effect is lost.

We can reproduce this. Thanks for noticing!