Social finally working with Google Advanced Protection, with caveats and missing features

The Social component has never worked for me as I had 2FA enabled on my google/YouTube account. I then upgraded to Google Advanced Protection (hardware key required) and needless to say that didn’t work with Mimo comments either. But at some point, something changed and it works! Super happy. I can now get live comments from my youtube shows.

However, two issues.

  1. I have to delete and re-add hte social module every show. If I don’t, it’ll work for a few minutes then the status will show that it’s reading comments from an old show. But if I delete the model and re-add it, then it works great.

  2. Superchats don’t come through at all, which is a problem. Anyone sending superheats is expecting their message to be responded to with priority, yet you don’t see them at all in this system.

Glad to see it’s usable now… but definitely still needs work!

Hi @PhotoJoseph Google and Facebook have increased their account protection strategies and unfortunately, that means more inconvenience for the users. What we changed is that the authentication now flows through the external browser enabling things like the Advanced Protection. My guess is that the access token expires fairly quickly so you have to re-authenticate every time.

The super chats simply don’t show up in the API alongside regular comments. Accessing them requires a separate API. I’ve added it to the feature request list.

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Wooohooo!!! SuperChat!!

Interesting, OK thanks @Oliver_Boinx — and fingers crossed on SuperChat. I have to stop using it for now because currently when people send SuperChats, they are completely ignored! Which is obviously the opposite of what SuperChat is for :blush:

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Yes, that’s why i currently screen-grab everything from the live stream’s dashboard. I’d also need super chat, super stickers and “normal” chat.

I’d also need a layer that is able to start something because of a special event like super chat or super stickers. Similar to the twiter-PTZ-layer which is able to listen on special preconfigured text and/or a certain type of a message.

It’d be great to “start” a layer (e.g. a script) and/or recall a certain layer-set. onEvent… So we could build on stream live reactions based on this.

Events I can think of:

  • Super Chat
  • Super Sticker
  • Applause
  • Special strings (like hashtags or user-commands like !command )
  • Certain used emoji

Thx! :hugs:

Hey again. I admittedly haven’t checked to see if Superchat has been added, but I’m guessing not. I have been in the meantime using Aaron Parecki’s excellent Live Chat Overlay Chrome plugin, which can then be keyed out in the ATEM or even in mimoLive to overlay the chat graphics on a live stream. But he recently added a new feature which outputs the background as transparency through CSS, specifically so we can load the chats into OBS and output them through a dual-SDI Ultrastudio and get proper keyed graphics in an ATEM. Since mimoLive has a browser function, I tried that, and it works!! You get the transparent graphics! However, it would appear that the mimo Browser isn’t honoring all CSS. It does get the transparency, yes. However placement isn’t the same, and more importantly, the animations are ignored completely. Basically the previous graphic (chat) holds on through the animation sequence, and then loads the new graphic once the animation is complete. Which is, of course, a bummer!

Do we know if the CSS engine… reader… heck I’m not an engineer so I don’t even know what to ask for… is incomplete somehow in mimo? The only reason I even believe it’s CSS is that’s what Aaron said is likely happening :wink:

Until superchat is in mimo, then unfortunately it’s a non-starter. As I said last year, the whole point of a superchat is to be seen — not to be ignored completely!


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Thx for your comment! Good do know. I miss the paid emojis and super chat also.

mimoLive’s Browser-Source is based on Safari’s capabilities. (There can be differences between Safari, Chrome and/or Firefox).

The size of the capturing is based on the size of the browser source’s window. So, maybe everything changes a bit, when you configure the window exactly to the document size.

Thanks @JoPhi — if it’s Safari-based then that makes sense. Aaron’s plugin is Chrome based. The source window point is interesting too and revealed another issue. The “browser” window size isn’t honoring Retina display on the Mac, so even though I have a 6K XDR display, Mimo thinks that the display is only 3000 pixels wide, and won’t let me set the window to 4K resolution! (Yes I’m doing a 4K live show).

Thx for your feedback. The window really should match all document sizes, so that everything can match up. In summer, I want to start with 4k on test streams. Thx for this notice!