Snippets from fm5 on fm ipad


Besteht die Möglichkeit, Snippets, die ich für FotoMagico 5 gekauft habe (Musik, Splitscreen, Titles,…) auch in der iPad Version zu verwenden?

Wie geht das?



Is it possible to use snippets that I bought for FotoMagico 5 (music, split screen, titles, …) in the iPad version?

How does it work?

Kind regards

Hi @ac-vision. Thank you for using both Fotomagico apps :)! The current plan is to port snippets from FotoMagico 5 to FotoMagico iPad. It will take some time, and will be done slowly. If you have any favorites which you would see rather sooner then later, feel free to mention them. We will try to prioritize them.