Snippets cannot be used

I am using a FREE TRIAL version 6.2.2
I have dowloaded some snippets but they cannot be used. They remain grey in the Fotomagico directory.
Is this normal?
Thank you for your assistance

Same here. I downloaded the latest Pack 2 and they can not be used.
Also the splitscreens are greyed out.
So Support would be nice.
Need to finish a Slideshow until end of december.

I downloaded three of the packs and they are all working for me. I’m on an M1 Mac Mini, early model.
I suggest you email Boinx support about it. They are quick to respond.

For any reasons, now it works if i double click at the snippet within the finder and open it with FM6.
But if i start a new show from the scratch, the issue is back.
Ok. So far this is a acceptable workaround. May be there will be an update later.