Snippet - new text

Can I place and image BEHIND any or all of the text snippets? I try to place and image above in the timeline, but it’s confusing. Is there any video tutorials on snippet use? A more advanced tutorial would be helpful -

The images on the stage are drawn in the order of image stack in the timeline from bottom up.

If an image is at the bottom of the stack it is “behind” all others. You can rearrange the order of the images in the stack by dragging them to the appropriate position.

Alternatively you can right click on an image in the stage to reveal a context menu which give you some options to rearrange the image position in the stack with the submenu “Layer” (e.g. “Send to back” will put the image to the bottom of the stack).

Here is a short introduction how snippets work in FotoMagico:

Another video explains how you can create your own snippets: