Snapping is often very helpful, but there are times when you need to adjust something and you don’t want it to snap. I’m creating a rotating background, which requires adding the same image over and over and then rotating it just enough so that it appears to rotate. However, “snap to” in rotate will not allow me to enter a value for rotate if it’s too close to a snapping value. For example, if the the position I want is 89.2 degrees, the field will take it, but as soon as I leave the entry field it jumps to 90.0 degrees. I’ve tried everything from editing directly in the Edit Geometry dropdown to the entry field next to Rotation: and it won’t work. There should be an option to turn off snapping for these occasions and then turn it back on when needed.

+1 – I agree :slight_smile: This SHOULD probably go into the Feature Requests section, though.

Any angle EQUAL TO or WITHIN 2 degrees on either side of 0, 90, 180, 270, and 360 snaps to those four values. For example, a rotation of 87.9 or 92.1 will work, but anything between 88 or 92 will snap to 90 – if it is entered into the rotation box.

Then again, there IS A WORKAROUND, although it’s kind of cludgy. If you hold down the Control Key when moving an image around on the stage (disregard Rotation for the moment), it cancels the Snap To feature (centers & edges). If you hold down the Control Key while mousing to a corner of the image and you get the little rotation icon to show up, you CAN rotate the image to an angle WITHIN the above ranges (e.g., 0.8 degrees) using the mouse. Then just let go of the control key and it remembers that rotation. If you want to ENTER an exact value into the rotation box, enter that value FIRST, THEN HOLD DOWN THE CONTROL KEY, and then click the mouse somewhere on the stage area. The image SHOULD rotate to that value and stay there.