Snapchat Desktop Plugin

Snap Chats “Snap Camera” app has a plugin for a virtual USB camera. Mimolive will list this camera as a source but will not show any image. Anyone have any suggestions too as to how I might possibly resolve this.
Snap Camera will happily take Mimo’s virtual plugin as a source.


@winnie Thanks for reaching out. The plugin should work if it is implemented correctly as this would be entirely transparent to mimoLive. Can you see the Snap Camera in the QuickTime Player as a video device?

It could be that the Snap Camera virtual camera is using outdated QuickTime API and then it wouldn’t work with mimoLive.

We’ll take a look.

Thanks @Oliver_Boinx, Quicktime player gives the same result, I can select it but see nothing. All my available Macs are running MacOs 10.14.5. I will load up a 10.13.6 system and see if there is a different result.

**macOS 10.13.6 same result unfortunately.