Slow down mimolive 5.8 videos

mimolive 5.8 slows down videos. Please see what it is I had to downgrade to the previous version.


I’m using the same 5.8 version, but no issues with playing out a videos. Can you be a little bit more specific of what the issue is? And what kind of video are you trying to play out? Codec, size etc.



Richard, can you please send me one of the videos that exhibits this and the mimoLive document?

I had the same problem with a live stream last week. You can see the (hidden) video here:

The problem started mainly at 17:45, so just a few minutes before the planned start of the event. I even stopped the stream to reboot my MacBook Pro (at 19:48) and even updated from 5.7 to 5.8 in an ultimate attempt to get things going normally again but things remained slow. I noticed however that running Google Chrome in the background seemed to have a very bad effect on mimoLive ?!?

All videos are Apple ProRes 422 or 4444 (in case transparancy is needed). At 21:00 I start a short two minute ProRes 422 video with audio and it breaks up heavily. Things seems to improve from 23:10 when I was installing the update in the background. At 24:06 I installed the update of mimoLive to 5.8 and I tried to start the same video again at 24:34. Again breaking up, although less bad.At 28:01 I start another ProRes 422 video which also breaks up although the animation with the sponsors logo (= ProRes 4444 video) just ran pretty fine (it seems).

I can remember we’ve had a problem with ProRes video before in an older version of mimoLive. Maybe it’s the same problem again??

Here are two examples the videos start to roll from the right place
at 3 hours 43 minutes and 15 seconds a

@eMilty Sorry to hear about the troubles. I can only imagine that the data rate of the video is somehow too high to load it in real time. Can you make the ProRes video that isn’t playing properly available to me via WeTransfer or Dropbox link?

@HechosEcuador Thanks for sending the YouTube links that illustrate your issue. However, in order to be able to troubleshoot, we will need a copy of the video file as you’re using it on your computer. If you can, please send it to me via WeTransfer or Dropbox or similar.

That look and sounds like exactly the same problem I’m having. What type of video files are you using?

I’ve been using the same ProRes 422 files before without any problems. The bitrate of this particular file is roughly around 60 Mbit/s as it contains very simple content. Here is a WeTransfer link:

Also the problem only seems to occur when I enable the stream to YouTube. When there is no stream but I just test the playout to a local TV it seems to work just fine. Only when I enable the live stream it starts to cause problems.

@eMilty Again, I’m sorry about this performance problem. This looks like your Mac may be underpowered for the live stream you’re trying to do. What Mac and macOS are you using? You also mention that running Chrome in the background has negative effects on mimoLive. What are you using it for?

There are several tools to see where the performance issue could be:

  • Check the macOS Activity Monitor to see your Mac’s processing load
  • If you have a MacBook Pro, get the Intel Power Gadget to see if your computer is thermal throttled
  • Check the mimoLive Source Performance Monitor to see if your file is loaded fast enough
  • Check the Render Performance Monitor to see if there is a layer acting up
  • Check the Streaming Output Destination to see if the encoder is working correctly

Let me know what you find. Thank you for your patience while we work this out together!

I’ve just tested the whole setup again and everything seems to work just fine now. Live stream works, video playout is fine, Google Chrome in the background makes no difference. I don’t know what the problem was last week.

It felt like my laptop was coming to a halt. It was still pretty warm that day but room temperature was maybe only 25 degrees. I downloaded the Intel Power Gadget and will use that whenever I feel there is a problem and see what that reports.

I’m using a 2016 MacBook Pro by the way with a quad-core Intel Core i7 at 2,7 GHz and 16 GB RAM. It has a AMD Radeon Pro 455 GPU with 2 GB RAM. The GPU memory is maxed out in the Render Performance Monitor but the render time is usually 5, 6 msec or less.

This sounds very much like the heating problem.