Slightly lower FPS, Encoder generates half...,Streaming buffer is experiencing overrun

Hi, thanx for the great product.
You are the best. Wirecast is sucks.
Sometimes I have that errors:Slightly lower FPS, Encoder generates half…,Streaming buffer is experiencing overrun.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

It is stream to the Facebook.

  • VLC than playing TV Channel from the Internet
  • webcam
  • system sound

The same errors in translation of Skype.

Version 2.3b2 (21899)

This buffer overrun means that your internet connection isn’t able to upload the produced video stream due to bandwidth limitations. You either has to get a better internet connection with higher bandwidth or you need to shrink down the specs of your product: (e.g. setup your FPS from 30 to 25 fps, decrease your data rate from 2.5 MBit to 2.0 MBit in the advanced streaming settings) Does this help?

Hmm enter image description here

this is not enough?

The Speedtest result shows what your local bandwidth is, the bandwidth to your streaming host may be different. However, please can you check the “Local Buffer Size” graph to see if its building up over time, or does it just have peaks? What does the “Network” graph in the “Activity Monitor” app by Apple looks like?