Slideshow that will run on a PC

Hi As a new member I am sorry if this has been covered before, what is the best dvd burning software to burn dvd’s to play on a PC , and can you save a slideshow on a memory stick in a format that will be recognised on a PC ?
Thanks Richard

Second this

I export to a Quicktime movie for playback on a PC. That will go on a memory stick.
I’d personally only burn to DVD if want it to be played on a television rather than a computer.

Hi, Thanks for your reply, I also want to show them on a projector, so it would be the same , put the slide show onto a stick as a Quicktime movie and play through the computer, although the PC must have Quicktime installed and would this enlarge to a projector big screen?

Hi, Forgive me if this sounds a bit dense, do I go to File “share” and then save it as a web movie? Or can you explain what I need to do.

Projector - yes: that’s what I do if I want to show a slideshow at my camera club. 1280 x 720 movies look fine when projected.
The PC doesn’t necessarily have to have Quicktime installed - I use the VLC media player.

On version 3.8: Go to File > Share as you say - but I then select HD movie rather than Web Movie.
(or if you’re trying the version 4 beta: Click on Share with the ‘alt’ key held down and select ‘Quicktime’.)

Hi Thankyou once again for your reply, it was most helpful, now to test it out!!!
Regards Richard

Hi Another question, when I try to save the show to a memory stick it asks where the folder is, then I also get asked for my confidential stored information, which gives my website upload details, I,m uncertain about allowing this because I don’t want it uploaded to my website, only on the memory stick, if I don’t give the info, I can’t go forward only back. Any ideas?

What happens if you save the file to your Mac, then copy it to the memory stick using Finder?