Slideshow stretched when played from DVD HELP URGENT

Hi guys,
I am preparing a slideshow for my sister in laws funeral in two days time. I normally use the stand alone app, but as this will be played during the service, the funeral representatives require a DVD to play at the service on a DVD player they are familiar with. I have just burnt it as a quicktime movie, and did a test play on my DVD player at home, before going to do a test run through tomorrow. When I played back, the slideshows images are stretched/elongated horizontally, as if it has been created in the wrong format. How do I fix this issue ? thanks in advance … this is a urgent request , so please get back to me ASAP. via email or thanks in advance

The video FotoMagico creates has the correct aspect ratio. In this case, the DVD burning application re-encoded the video wrong. What did you burn it with?

Toast Titanium … Any info on correct sharing settings . You guys are very light on practical information… been that way since the beginning… I’ve to teach myself through trial and error… Very disappointing.

Patrick, sorry you feel this way. Please understand that I can’t be more specific without knowing what you use.
I use Toast Titanium 14, If you drop in a video from FotoMagico it normally does the right thing. can you please provide a screenshot like the following with a slideshow export dropped in?