Slideshow stops, sound continues

FM 5.0b34: A very small slideshow (with 9 pics and 2 iPhone videos, totally 43 secs) refuses to display content when the video snipped should be displayed. Last pic is shown permanently, music continues till end.
File has a size of 9.7 Mb. Shall i put it anywhere for your access e.g. dropbox? Need your email to send the link

to precise my problem: Only preview mode stops displaying all pics and movies. Exported .mov or .mp4 file runs normal. I have a little example in my dropbox link to Error_in_FM5.0b3x.fms. Cannot remember how I compiled tis litte slideshow, but this problem is always reproducible here by merging FM4 snippets (copy and paste) into a new with FM5bxx created slideshow

I’m using Version FM 5.0b39 and have the same problem. After starting up an .fms-file I stop the show, then the picture stops and the sound continues.