Slideshow seems only to be random

Hey Team,

I‘m trying to add some PNGs as a slideshow to my mimoLive Production. Unfortunately the order seems to be random. I have named the images 01Name, 02Name, etc, but the Slideshow Layer as well as the Slideshow Media Source does not use the file names to order the images. The only solution I found was to add multiple layers of images above each other. Is this the correct way? Seems a bit odd.

All the best,

I have the same question and also tried renaming the source files.
I brought the issue to Oliver’s attention.

Thanks for the feature suggestion! In mimoLive 5.7 the files will be sorted by name.

Is there anyway we can get the slideshow in random order? I understand a few people may have wanted it in name order but I think the majority of uses want at leas the option to have the slideshow in random order. With the media playlist you can do either random order or by name. Is it possible to do this for the slideshow?