Slideshow question

I am attempting to create a manual advance slideshow that I can burn to DVD. If I set it up to advance each slide with a mouse click, will the manual advance work the same using a DVD remote after the slideshow is burned to DVD?

I’m going to answer by saying I don’t know the answer!! Good question, though. I have a strong feeling that it will not work using the DVD remote. But obviously I could be wrong. I’ve created a couple of DVD’s that just play through without needing a Click to advance. Those shows that do require a mouse click, we just present straight from the computer. And I know that creating a standalone app also works.


If I understand you correctly, what you want to do sounds simple enough - but I’ve tried using iDVD, Toast, and iMovie to do the same thing, and I never was able to make a manual slide show work to my satisfaction.

Some say Powerpoint will do it, but I’ve not tried that.

There are quite a few suggestions for Mac users here:

… and this link:( … tells how it’s done in iDVD - “To set a slideshow to advance manually:
Double-click the button for your slideshow in the DVD menu to open the slideshow editor.
Choose Manual from the Slide Duration pop-up menu.” I didn’t know about that last time I tried, but I plan to test it out soon.

If you can make a slide show in FotoMagico that will work manually, one-click-at-a-time, I’d be grateful to learn how you did it.