Slideshow on a USB-Memory Stick

due to the fact that slideshows done with FotoMagico are most of the time are much more bigger than 4GB (to big to burn on a DVD) I wanted to ask if it would be a suitable solution to create a dvd-movie, send it to the USB-Stick and connect the USB-Stick to an TV to watch.

I tried it but the TV (it´s an all new Philips - with full HD option) didn´t recognize any movie file on the USB-Stick. In the end I even tried to burn it in a smaller version with iDVD by Apple but this didn´t work out too.

Here are my question:

  1. Can I use a Memory Stick on a TV to show a FotoMagico slideshow and if so which format is to use?
  2. Do I defentitly need a burn software like Toast (Roxio) to burn any slideshow to a DVD?
  3. is it possible to comprimise already comprimised FotoMagico slideshows even smaller to burn on DVD?

Thanks in advance


That totally depends on the TV. Of course I don’t have any clue about that TV, which formats can it play?
If you want to create a DVD that should play on any regular DVD-player (video DVD) the answer is yes, you will need a burning software. We recommend iDVD or Roxio Toast.

I have the same problem. How do you export a slideshow for a USB that can then be read on a TV?

@PK1 Thanks for using FotoMagico. In order to view a slideshow on a TV, you need to export it in a format supported by the TV. If it is supported, we recommend H.264. If you have FotoMagico Pro, you can use the Custom Export option in the Share menu to optimise the export for you TV. With most modern TVs, the Export to Apple iPad should also work, though.