Slideshow ending

I have a long blank slide at the end. How do eliminate it so the presentation will stop after the last slide and audio?

If I understand you correctly, what you’re seeing when you say a “blank” slide is a sort of transparent rectangle with dashed lines around it? FM is trying to fill in the extra space to make up for the lack of slides where the extra audio is – that is, audio that plays AFTER your last slide. There are a few ways to solve it. 1) Pull the end of your audio track BACK to end with the last slide and fade the volume down at the end so that it doesn’t seem to just STOP abruptly. Or use Match Audio Length to Slides. 2) Lengthen the durations of each of the slides that fall within the last audio track so they “fill up” the time taken by the audio track. Or use the Match Slide Durations to Audio function. 3) Replace the audio track with a shorter one that matches the total duration of the slides (sometimes that’s the hardest to do, since having an idea of WHAT audio track you want to use (for thematic reasons) makes it difficult to swap it out with something shorter that may not sound right). Anyway, hope that helps…

Thank you for your help.